To get the best deal, maximum price in the shortest time, a certain amount of effort from your end is required and spending a few minutes to follow the AutoBroker simple guidelines can make a huge difference to the sale of your used car.

1. Find out the market price

  1. It is essential that you determine the value of your car because the main decision driver is the money making out of the sale. Be realistic and open to negotiations.

  2. To find out how much your car is worth:

  • check similar cars listing prices or
  • request an estimation of your car’s market value by AutoBroker.

2. Sort out the paperwork

The first step is to be prepared and organize all the required car papers. Get the MOT certificates, maintenance records, service history, tax papers and all other necessary documents sorted before you go any further. A clean record is indeed attractive. You should be transparent and have the papers in hand when a buyer enquires about it. If the car has been imported, make sure you have all the relevant documents, it shows transparency and creates a trust for prospective buyers.

3. Fix bodywork and service it if necessary

A single scratch or crack on the front or rear bumper of the car that you may have overlooked may cost you that valuable cash. If the car is due to be serviced, it is recommended to have it done in order to show that the car is well maintained.

4. Clean it insight out, it sells!

Take it for a car wash or even for valeting if required. Make sure that you have cleared out and vacuumed the glove box, door bins, and floor mats. Polishing and waxing your car will add on to its selling points. A clean car looks professional and helps it to sell itself.

5. Take attractive pictures

Take snaps from all possible angles. Consider parking your car in front of a neutral background to bring out all its features. Include pictures of both its interior and exterior combined with the engine, trunk, and tires. Make sure the lighting condition is not too harsh and avoid grainy snaps.

Car buyers need to see the overall condition of the car by at least 5 pictures before considering a phone call or viewing appointment

1. Front Left/Right angle view – the side of the car (turn the wheel to show off alloy wheels)
2. Back Left/Right angle view – down the opposite side of the car to the front angle
3. Side view – keep the car in the whole picture
4. Interior photos – shoot the main driving area from the back seats or from the passenger side
5. More photos or video – depending on the car and the emphasis required, take photos of the car boot, back side door, back seats, wheels, tyres, engine or dashboard showing the mileage

6. Get a professional opinion

Ask a mechanic to inspect your car before you actually start the selling process. They will detect and fix any technical faults that you may have missed. Professional opinions from any third-party service providers such as AA Trading may also be decisive in making your decision.

7. Create a true car advertise including true contact details

Describe your car listing advertise in the best possible way. Include details like year of production, mileage, honest condition of the vehicle, maker, number of years you have used the same and so on. Also, include details if your car is imported to Cyprus. Was it new when you bought it or a used car along? Specifying the country a car originates from, also serves as valuable information for potential buyers.

8. Share and spread your ad

Once you have created the ad, it’s time to spread the news. Use the power of social media to reach out to more people. AutoBroker is presented on all major social media platforms. You can share your ads on our official pages or on your personal account.

9. Review prospective buyers and show them the car

Meet all the potential buyers and evaluate their offers. Offer them a test drive to avoid any complications and get to know them more. However, it is also important that you take security measures before allowing buyers to use your vehicle for test drive purpose. Make an effort to be physically present while initiating this process.

10. Secure Guaranteed funds to you and then transfer ownership

Once you have narrowed down to the perfect buyer, it’s time to close the deal. Transfer the car ownership only after you have received the funds in cash or cleared to your bank account.

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