Scrap or Recycling

Car Scrap and Recycling in Cyprus

 According to statistics, 75% of the material used in cars is recyclable.

Under the Cyprus law, The End-of-Life Vehicles Law of 2003 (the “Law”) all vehicles reaching the end of their life (End of Life Vehicles, “ELV”) should be properly disposed not become waste but receive proper environmental treatment for the purpose of reusing spare-parts or recycling the materials they are made of. End of life vehicles have the potential to release harmful substances into the environment if they are not stored, treated and disposed of properly.

Each licensed scrap or recycling facility provides a Certificate of Destruction which is required to be presented at the Department of Road Transport or Citizen Office for the official de-registration of the car from the Government registry.

The form for the car de-registration is here

List with authorized facilities 


Source: Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Republic of Cyprus

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