UK Car Import to Cyprus – 12 Steps Guide

Import car from the UK to Cyprus

AutoBroker 12 steps guide and costs calculator tools make it easier than ever for anyone interested to import a used car from the UK or any other EU country to Cyprus.

Important: A car is considered as used and qualified for VAT relief if it has been registered in the UK for at least 6 months and the mileage exceeds 6000km (3728 miles) at the time of export.

The Excise Duty (Import Tax) for a UK car is calculated based on three below factors (for passenger cars). Always make sure you have the actual details as per the car logbook, not the details of the web advert.

  1. Car Engine Size in cubic capacity (cc)
  2. CO2 emissions (g/km) and
  3. Car Age (starting from the first date of registration as new in the UK)

Search by yourself or ask UK AutoFinders

You can search by yourself online on the most popular cars website in UK www.autotrader.co.uk or let one of the AutoBroker Trusted Auto Finders to find you the right car based on your budget and needs.

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The 5 most important questions to ask the seller on the first call are:

  1. Do the car specifications match the website advert details?
  2. The number of previous owners?
  3. Is the Service history record available?
  4. Does the car come with clean HPI/AA/RAC records (accidents history, police records or outstanding finance)?
  5. Is there any known mechanical or bodywork done on the car by current or previous owners?
For more information about UK Vehicle registration numbers and plates, download the DVLA Guide
  • Calculate the costs Car Excise Duty (Import Tax) and Road Tax of your favorite car in order to compare the financial options against your budget and decide the next steps
  • Record down the 3 values required for the calculation (car engine size CC, CO2, and first registration date – year -)
The Road Tax cost is calculated based on the CO2 emissions (g/km). This formula is not applied to cars imported and registered in Cyprus before 2014.

It is critical to check the car before any commitments with the seller.

Find out as much information about the car you want to buy over the phone and always get full contact details of the seller and ask specific questions about the car specifications to match the advert, previous owners, milages and if an inspection report can be provided.

Check the car details

Record the car registration number, make and model and verify them with the information held by DVLA.

Confirm with the seller that they have the original UK V5C vehicle registration certificate (‘log book’) and the latest MOT report. Simply, ask them for a copy via email.

It is important to check that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the engine number and the colour recorded in the logbook match the car.

MOT Status & History

Verify the MOT status and history of the car by checking at  GOV.UK  for free. It is recommended to get a car history report which can give you valuable information about the car status, historical MOT records with mileage, outstanding finance, accidents involvement and if the car has been reported stolen or repaired after serious damage. The most popular online services for car checks are HPI,  the AARAC, Autotrader,Car Tax Check,Total Car Check  and prices start from £1.99 for the basic check.

Pre-purchase Inspection & Test Drive

  • On-site visit for inspection and test drive are without any doubt the best way to know the car’s condition and buy with confidence. For on-site visit, the AutoBroker Appraisal Checklist form is a handy tool to ensure the car condition
  • From Cyprus you can get your interesting car inspected by
    • Selecting an inspection service provider in the UK from AutoBroker Directory
    • Finding a local mechanic and assign them the inspection request
    • Using the professional inspection services by  the AA , their useful checklist  or RAC

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Knowledge is the power

Knowing how much the car is worth and other similar cars’ prices can help you start the negotiation game. Make your offer, repeat it and let them take their time to think about it. The same way, take your time to reply to their counter offer and try to get to get the best deal.


Confirm the deposit terms (most of the time is not refundable) before paying in order to secure the car on the final agreed price and ask for a confirmation letter or email acknowledgment.

Full Payment

Request a proforma invoice/sales receipt and the full details of the seller bank in order to proceed with the full payment transaction.

Most companies offer both services, car transportation from the seller place to the Port (Southampton or Liverpool) and then shipping to Cyprus either in a container or via Ro-Ro method (Roll On Roll Off) on the vessel decks.

Documents required
  • Car details/UK V5C vehicle registration certificate (‘log book’) copy (Make, model, body type)
  • Seller full details (location and contacts)
  • Buyer full details (location and contacts)
  • Invoice/sales receipt on the car buyer’s name. The new car owner in Cyprus (for private buyers)

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6.1. Get insurance cover note

Prepare the insurance cover note (over 6 months) so you will be insured while driving the car out of the port until the final registration

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Documents required

UK V5C vehicle registration certificate (‘log book’) (copy its fine) and Full Details of the new owner

6.2. Buy 6 stamps of €2 (In Greek “Χαρτόσημα”)

Stamps are required for certifying the paperwork by authorities.

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6.3. Get CO2 Certification – TOM118

Get certification of emissions of pollutants CO2 for your importing car. You can check your car CO2 online but you still need to go to your Local Department of Road Transport Office to get the TOM118 signed

Look at AutoBroker Map to Find your city Road Transport Department Office
Documents required
  1. Original UK V5C vehicle registration certificate (‘log book’) (ask the UK seller or Importer to post the original car logbook and invoice to you after the purchase is done and inside the car during the shipping keep a copy of the logbook)
  2. Document TOM 118 (CO2)

6. 4. Prepare Customs Clearing Agents Authorisations (x 2)

Most of the times the clearing agents’ services are provided by the importer/shipping company. In any case, two clearing agents’ authorisation forms are required for the same clearing agent or for a different one.

First for the clearing agent in Limassol port and the second for the clearing agent in the local Customs office when the Duty Import Tax will be paid before registration. You can choose to have your own clearing agents.

Download the forms below and provide them to your clearing agent either in hand or by post

Documents required
  1. [Form C. 1002] – Authorisation of a Customs Clearing Agent / In Greek Τελ.1002 – Εξουσιοδότηση τελωνειακού πράκτορα

1. Arrange Collection

Make sure you have clear communication with the importer to have the car and paperwork ready for collection (check the Delivery Order Form and another single page document about Customs which is always in the Greek language called “Αίτηση Βεβαίωσης Κοινοτικού Χαρακτήρα από το Τμήμα Τελωνείων”

Make sure your insurance cover note is issued before taking the car to the road.

Documents Required:

Identification Documents (ID, Passport, Yellow Slip, etc) and Car Invoice and any other related documents about the car purchase 

Documents Issued:
  1. Delivery Order Form 
  2. The Greek Confirmation Document “Αίτηση Βεβαίωσης Κοινοτικού Χαρακτήρα από το Τμήμα Τελωνείων”
Documents Required:
  1. Buyer Identification Documents
  2. Delivery Order
  3. UK V5C car registration certificate (‘log book’)
  4. Invoice
  5. CO2 Certification – TOM118
  6. Αίτηση Βεβαίωσης Κοινοτικού Χαρακτήρα από το Τμήμα Τελωνείων
  7. Clearing Agent Authorisation
  8. Any other documents such as letters by Certifying Officers if acting on behalf of the buyer
Documents Issued: C72a

Look at AutoBroker Map to Find your city Customs Clearance Department Office

Documents required
  1. Delivery Order
  2. UK V5C Car registration certificate (‘log book’)
  3. CO2 Certification – TOM118
  4. Customs Payment Receipt – C72a

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Look at AutoBroker Map to Find your city Road Transport Department Office

Documents required
  1. Registration Form  – TOM 6 (4 pages form. For Joint ownership use an additional form TOM 6Γ.)
  2. Delivery Order
  3. UK V5C vehicle registration certificate (‘log book’) with Stamps (2)
  4. Invoice
  5. CO2 Certification – TOM118
  6. Customs Payment Receipt – C72a
  7. Αίτηση Βεβαίωσης Κοινοτικού Χαρακτήρα από το Τμήμα Τελωνείων
  8. Clearing Agent Authorisation
Documents Issued: Authorisation Letter for plates replacement – TOM 165
Documents required
  1. Copy of the new Cyprus Registration Certification of the car
  2. Authorisation Letter for plates replacement – TOM 165

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Documents required
  1. The new Cyprus Registration Certification of the car (hard copy)
  2. The insurance cover note made upon car arrival (for cancellation)
  3. No claim confirmation from existing or previous insurance company if exists
Documents Issued: Insurance Certification

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