Car Ownership Transfer Guide

A simple guide by AutoBroker on vehicle ownership transfer process in Cyprus

The cost for car ownership transfer application in Cyprus is €8.54 and the application requires the TOM9B form completion along with three supporting documents and it can be submitted in person (by buyer and seller present) or by proxy to the Department of Road Transport office or to any Citizen Service Center.

You can follow the AutoBroker guide and run the process yourself or find a local service provider in the directory and ask if they can help you and at which cost. The guide is for standard passenger cars.

For other types of vehicles transfer or exceptions please visit the official website of the Cyprus Department of Road Transport Office, under the section in Greek “Μεταβίβαση

It is very important to complete the transfer process at the time of the sale to avoid any trouble later on such as involved in accident or fines.

TOM9B form completion

The TOM9B form includes the transferring car details, the buyer and seller personal details, and their signatures. The form needs to be completed clearly and no mistakes are accepted, many times it can be rejected if there are corrections or misspelling errors.

  1. You can download the form here and complete it by hand or you can request a hard copy of the form Road Transport office or to your local Citizen Service Center
  2. AutoBroker has created an online version of the TOM9B form and you can easily complete it online and then print it or send it to be signed
    1. No information is saved when TOM9B form is completed. Buyers and Sellers can only print or export the form and save it on their computer or mobile devices. This is ensured by AutoBroker and it is clearly stated in our terms and conditions and privacy policy page.

Supporting Documents Preparation

Vehicle Registration Certificate or logbook (in Greek “Πιστοποιητικό Εγγραφής Μηχανοκίνητου Οχήματος”)

  1. Insurance Certificate on the current owner’s name
  2. Insurance Certificate on the new owner’s name (with the expiry date greater than 3 months from the transfer date)
    1. You can find an insurance broker in the AutoBroker Insurance Directory or you can request an insurance quote online using AutoSure
  3. Valid MOT Certificate (this will be checked during the transfer)
  4. Valid Road Tax (this will be checked during the transfer)
    1. If the MOT certificate or the Road Tax of the transferring vehicle is expired, the buyer needs to complete the TOM 120A form, a responsibility statement to acknowledge this fact

 Signatures Approval and Final Submission

Car seller and buyer signatures need to be approved/stamped by an authorized person depending on who is submitting the form, either

  1. In Person submission (both parties present)
    1. If both parties, buyer and seller are present during the transfer with their legal existence documents in had (ID, Passport, etc.), their signatures are being approved by the personnel at the Road Transport office or Citizen Service Center
  2. By Proxy (single party present or a third party with power of attorney authorization)
    1. A Certifying Officer or Muktar can approve the buyer and seller signatures (together or independently) and the form can be submitted either by only the seller or the buyer or even by a third party person. There is a nominal fee charge for signatures approval.
      1. Find a local Certifying Officer in the AutoBroker Directory
      2. Use the AutoBroker Power of Attorney Form and get it signed by a Certifying Officer, Muktar authorized personnel or entity
    2. If the seller or the buyer lives outside of Cyprus, the power of attorney authorization is required to be signed by their country Embassy
  3. Locations

  • Find your local Department of Road Transport Office
  • Find your local Citizen Service Centers or call on the toll-free number 8000 2288 or +357 22 800 100 from outside of Cyprus

Legal Notification:

The transfer of a motor vehicle is governed by the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations of 1984, as amended to date.

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